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How to get to Afghanistan
  • Tourist from across the world can visit Afghanistan using air transportation. They can fly to Kabul International Airline and arrange the tour from Kabul. They can either fly or use vehicles to visit the most famous place in this country. They can arrange their tours from Kabul to the following provinces of this country.
  • Kandahar
  • Herat
  • Bamian
  • Balkh
  • Ghazni
  • Nangarhar

Tourists can visit the following places in Afghanistan:
In Kabul:

  • Qargha lake west of Kabul
  • Taq-e-zafar in Paghman district
  • National Museum
  • Bal-e-Hisar ( a military fort)
  • Kabul old city ( Shorbazaar)

From Kabul to Bamian ( 260 KM)
They can visit:

  •  the damaged sculpture of Buda 
  • Band-e-Amir ( Amir Dam)
  • Zahak city

From Kabul to Balkh ( 490 km)
     They can visit:

  • Salang pass
  • Takht-e-rostam in samangan ( Rostam’s bed)
  • Burj-e-Ayaran ( Temple)
  • Rabia Balkhi grave
  • Khuja Parsa-e-wali
  • Chashma-e-shefa ( a spring that heals you)
  • Hazrat-e-Ali shrine ( the fourth caliph of Mohammad PBUH)

From Kabul to Herat ( 1050 km)
They can visit:

  • Herat temples
  • Herat historical mosque
  • Gawharshad Bigom grave
  • Khawja Galtan-e-Wali
  • Park-e-Milat
  • Khawaja Abdullah Ansari Shrine
  • Herat military fort

From Kabul to Kunduz ( 360 km)
They can visit:

  • Aikhanom historical place

From Heral to Ghor: (70km)
They can visit:

  • Jam temple

From Kabul to Nangarhar( 150km)
They can visit:

  • Can cross the silk road
  • Sara AL Emara garden
  • Tora Bora ( once where there were terror training centers)

From Kabul to Nuristan and Kunar (340km)
They can visit:

  • Historical places of this province
  • Old towns representing the time of Buda

From Kabul to Ghazni ( 150km)
They can visit:

  • Historical temples
  • Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi’s  Grave
  • Museum
  • Sabektagin’s grave
  Many more natural sights
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