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Afghan Tour

Afghan Tour Organization was founded along Afghan media in 1958 in Kabul city. This organization got the membership of the World Tourism Organization which was made out of 102 member countries.
Afghan Tourism Organization along side Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Maldev, and Nepal served as an active member of south Asia Tourism commission.
This country could provide the essential facilities to improve and develop tourism in Afghanistan. These attempts caused a rise in the revenue of Afghanistan, and introduced the history culture, civilization, historical relics and monuments of Afghanistan to the rest of the world.
Afghan Tourist Organization, next to Afghan gallery on Aasmae Watt, is a policy making organization, and is controlled by the ministry of Information and culture. Afghan Tour Organization has totally 73 personnel.

Afghan Tour Organization Core Functions:

  • To Coordinate Afghan Tour Activities
  • Integrate and offer proper services to Tourists
  • Maintain communication with World Tourism Organization
  • Carry out marketing campaign to get Tourist to the county
  • Publish and disseminate Afghan Tourist Publication such as Brochures, and other publications
To register Tourist accommodation areas and Private Tourist Agencies


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